Frequently Asked Questions

How is GritWell different?

GritWell will look at all factors driving your unique set of symptoms. Our health issues today are much more complicated than they used to be: even when eating healthy most people are still nutrient deprived (as a result of food losing its medicinal qualities); we’re under more stress; and subject to significantly more antibiotics and environmental toxins. Most health companies’ one size fits all approach (for diet, nutrition and supplements) won’t effectively treat today’s multifaceted conditions.

What does a GritWell subscription look like?

1. Comprehensive health analysis
2. 1-hour deep dive
3. Customized treatment plan
4. Symptom tracking
5. Ordering tests
6. Ordering supplements

How do I talk to my practitioner?

All of our appointments are virtual. All you’ll have to do is click on the link we’ll send to you on the day before the appointment. The GritWell team will always be available to chat.

What about my insurance?

GritWell is outside of insurance, but the fees shown below are the entire cost for each month (no hidden fees, although it does not include the price of recommended supplements and testing). We will soon be FSA/HSA eligible.

Is it worth it?

Yes, don’t worry, we’ve been there. Here is a video that breaks down exactly how we create treatment plans customized to your history, your symptoms, and your needs.

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