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Finding a Name to Her Pain

We Only Have One Body

Reversing Chronic Illness

“I've been to every type of doctor.”

I've been to: neurologists, gynecologists, retina specialists, hematologist, Rheumatologists, chiropractors, spinal specialists, migraine specialists... some of these I went to a few different doctors for the same issue. I've gone all the way to India for treatment. But still nothing. They did the same treatment as I got here.

“I've tried so many different supplements.”

I've tried different naturopathic supplements, digestive enzymes, probiotics. I went gluten/dairy free. Probiotics helped a bit but I didn't see much improvement with anything else. I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and they didn't find anything wrong.

“I have spent thousands of hours and dollars.”

I have spent thousands of hours and dollars seeing traditional and non-traditional doctors for the past few decades. I haven't yet found anything that helped.

“I'm just going in loops. No one helps.”

I've been to multiple docs, took X amount of meds. I'm just going in loops. No one or nothing helps to ease the pain even a little. Basically it's a trial/error type of thing now. I stopped taking all meds back in March. I'm only on homeopathic medications and natural supplements now. I don't feel any different, but I still take them.


Amanda S.

Female, 27

Amazing coach!

I was paired with a phenomenal functional medicine health coach and I feel like I’m getting all of the benefits of a functional medicine doctor but at a much more affordable cost. FINALLY, I’m getting answers to my health problems that I never was able to figure out before, even after seeing my general practitioner and several specialists. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to actually feel heard instead of just being dismissed by another doctor who says it must be all in my head. I feel like I’m finally taking control of my health and I’ve never felt better!

Carrie M.

Female, 31

I feel listened to

Only in my 1st month with GritWell, but I have never, ever been so thoroughly listened to by anyone before. They treat you like a very best friend, but with medical experience. They lay out an extremely personalized step by step plan for how they plan on working with you to get you answers. The customer service is top notch. They truly care about you above anything and everything else. I found Gritwell while I was scrolling on Instagram and I'm so thankful. They're the real deal.

Wendy G.

Female, 36

Weight loss and more energy.

I’m a completely different person to when I first started this program, sleeping almost 8 hours a night, my digestion has improved! This has so far been an incredible experience! I am experiencing more energy, weight loss and better moods. My digestive issues have improved tremendously and I have a daily bowel movement, less acid reflux and less bloated. By follow-up # 1, my clothes were fitting a little looser. By follow-up # 2, I’d lost 5 lbs. By follow-up # 3, I lost 12 lbs, 3” off my waist and 5 ½” off my hips. My tension headaches have improved. I no longer experience muscle twitches.

Victoria G.

Female, 28

I found hope.

My practitioner was super attentive and she seems to care and is eager to help, which is such a huge change from what I've experienced with my doctors, so it makes me feel like there is actually hope for me.

Sara T.

Female, 21

Significant improvements in the first week!

For years, I always had digestive issues, bloating, stomach pain and pressure. My practitioner helped me significantly reduce my symptoms with specific supplements and diet alterations within the week - it's something I wouldn't have known to do myself and has been incredibly valuable.

Chelsie G.

Female, 30

Hope and action.

My goodness I cannot tell you what a literal Godsend you all have been in so many ways! My appointments have been wonderful!!! Thank you so so much for setting me up!!! My practitioner gave me hope and an action plan I can digest in increments! Even at the initial stages I cannot thank you all enough. You are so amazing and helpful.

Amber L.

Female, 29

Wonderful and organized.

I just want to say that I absolutely love the whole idea of GritWell and I'm very excited to be taking steps towards a healthier life. My practitioner has been so wonderful to work with and everything is laid out in a way that's very easy to understand. I’ve been feeling so much better. My rashes have been getting better, the supplements you have given me have helped a lot.

Alyssa B.

Female, 27

Physical and mental improvements

My health has improved a lot - when I started GritWell, I was at a 3/10 and now it’s at least a 6/10. My GI symptoms and sleep quality have improved and I’m a lot more mindful and aware than I was before. I really love the health coach I’m working with - today’s session was more like a therapy session than a food session. Wellness is like 80% mental well-being, and I feel like we get lost in food and supplements.

Rosemary S.

Female, 74

I can live again!

I believe in miracles. After 8 years of heavy mucus in my mouth, which doctors called acid reflux, for which their recommended pills did nothing. With the help GritWell, my mucus practically disappeared due to diet change in 4 days. And with further fine-tuning diet and biweekly Zoom calls, it has totally disappeared, and I have a new life and can taste food. I cannot speak highly enough of the personnel who have changed my life and I feel alive again. Thank you for this, ever grateful!

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